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In an attempt to beat cabin fever and going stir crazy, Ali, Cev & Nick decided to go live and have people join in the fun.

The original plan was to do around twenty five minutes. It went on for way longer than that.

What you're listening to here is a kind of edited 'highlights' if there is such a thing...


Edited by Cevin Moore 

Music "Asteroid (A Corruption)" by Peter & Cevin Moore

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Nick, Ali & Cev are showing signs of cabin fever, which is odd because Nick isn’t even in lockdown… Draw your own conclusions there, but anyway the guys throw together a note free episode discussing how prescient DEMOLITION MAN (1993) was, considering the whole planet seems to now be in a pandemic lockdown.


Along the way, they take on some far weightier subjects than normal and burgers…


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Edited by Cevin Moore

Music “Asteroid (A Corruption)” by Peter & Cevin Moore



No pants were harmed during the making of this episode.

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In a bizarre social experiment, Cev & Ali are joined by Ben & Smokey, better known as the Rated H Podcast to discuss Universal Horror classic "The Invisible Man" (1933). 

The results include:

Popular science term "Unfuck himself up"

"I love talking in films"

Bill Clinton

Constabulary Castle

Jizzing over ancestors

"Untouched At Euston" by The Smiths

The Exorcist



Edited By Cevin Moore

Music "Asteroid (A Corruption)" by Peter & Cevin Moore


Recorded 23 Mar 2020

RIP Stuart Gordon 24 Mar 2020

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