A new Will Smith film is out, where he is playing himself hunting himself?! Ali is on his own for this one but may be joined by a guest caller in the episode to hear their thoughts about the new film Gemini Man.

Here is the link to our website as mentioned in the show: https://www.filmguff.net/2020/02/17/gemini-man/

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"Remember, it's not always good to play with yourself!"

This episode marks a little bit of a change and it’s all about you, the lovely Guffian. Ali, Cev & Nick pick their favourite movies from the year of their birth alongside your birth year favourites.


Along the way we learn:


1969 is not a good vintage

1978 is not a good vintage

How to beep the Bostonian

Everyone has a Bond film

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a bit more-ish

Ai & Cev can’t do accents

The Scent Of A Woman is NOT porn

The Film Guff Bingo Drinking Game

Oh my days, fuck me running



Edited by Cevin Moore

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And remember kids, don’t carry knives

In this episode, freelance film writer Nate Roscoe @nutellanate brings one of his favourite hidden gems of his to Film Guff: DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. This feeds the ongoing unhealthy obsession Cev, Ali & Nick have with the movies from the year 1999.


This episode includes:

"Ed Gein’s sexy nipple belt"

“80 jars of hazelnut spread”

“The film version of Grinder”

“Brittany Murphy Fan-club meet up”

“Cev goes deeper Cev”

“The new Rocky film?”

"Trans-Atlantic murder threat"


Edited by Cevin Moore

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I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy

It's our first Film Guff 'Short' of 2020, and Cev wants to spread the word about a cute, but possibly murderous monkey...


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Laura Knight joins Nick & Ali to discuss adventure movies, reading ancient books, Harry Potter's age and THE MUMMY from 1999 along the way.

WARNING: Many names are murdered in this episode.

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film guff.net





Ali & Cev take a bit of a break from talking about movies to discuss the discs they're on instead with their personal favourite releases of 2019.

Watch out for the invisible balls...


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Music "Asteroid (A Fragment)" By Peter & Cevin Moore

Cev, Nick & Ali attempt to get their heads around THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL which is brought along by Scott Phipps. Results may vary...

Along the way there's the usual expected stuff:

Police Academy Nazi mashup

Russian Germans

94 65 year olds

Dick Van Dyke School Of Accents

Bad Science

Good Dogs

Structural Engineering 101


Edited over 5 months By Cevin Moore

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Springtime for Hitlerworld

It's that time of year folks when Ali, Cev & Nick still manage to surprise each other with their annual favourites, even though they've now been talking about them for the last few years... 


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"You've seen a movie that you hate, that lasts three hours... TWICE?!"


As it’s coming to a close, Cev, Ali & Nick get together in a little run up to their film of the year 2019 episode with a look back at the last decade. 


Watch out for: 

Plants, pigs and proper sound systems


Shooty Shooty Bang Bang

Star Wars

Dave Bautista

The Green Goblin 

Stabby Stabby Bleed Bleed

Edgar Wright’s Fingers 


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“It’s got the flying guy in it”

As the year 2020 closes in, Nick takes the chair and he’s joined by Ali, Cev and critic Anthony Ray Bench  to look back and discuss the year 1999. Why not?

Highlights to look out for in this bumper episode include:


A-B repeat

Disappointed from Doncaster


The crawl

Wild Wild West Kickstarter 

Live-streamed suicide

I think you should fuck off, Sir

Jewel thief

Fan fiction

There are no sequels

Has Ali seen it?

Mom’s wounded

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You'll warm to it...

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