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Two children discuss the Sonic The Hedgehog movie and the finer points of space travel.

There are SPOILERS. Sort of...


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They are the egg men, I Am The Walrus

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A new Will Smith film is out, where he is playing himself hunting himself?! Ali is on his own for this one but may be joined by a guest caller in the episode to hear their thoughts about the new film Gemini Man.

Here is the link to our website as mentioned in the show:

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"Remember, it's not always good to play with yourself!"

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This episode marks a little bit of a change and it’s all about you, the lovely Guffian. Ali, Cev & Nick pick their favourite movies from the year of their birth alongside your birth year favourites.


Along the way we learn:


1969 is not a good vintage

1978 is not a good vintage

How to beep the Bostonian

Everyone has a Bond film

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a bit more-ish

Ai & Cev can’t do accents

The Scent Of A Woman is NOT porn

The Film Guff Bingo Drinking Game

Oh my days, fuck me running



Edited by Cevin Moore

Music: “Asteroid” (A Diversion) By Peter & Cevin Moore


And remember kids, don’t carry knives

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In this episode, freelance film writer Nate Roscoe @nutellanate brings one of his favourite hidden gems of his to Film Guff: DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. This feeds the ongoing unhealthy obsession Cev, Ali & Nick have with the movies from the year 1999.


This episode includes:

"Ed Gein’s sexy nipple belt"

“80 jars of hazelnut spread”

“The film version of Grinder”

“Brittany Murphy Fan-club meet up”

“Cev goes deeper Cev”

“The new Rocky film?”

"Trans-Atlantic murder threat"


Edited by Cevin Moore

Music: “Asteroid (A Diversion)” By Peter & Cevin Moore



I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy

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