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Ali and Nick are joined in this bumper episode by Gabriella Masson to bully Cev into watching Dirty Dancing. They find out what Butlins is, that nobody can pronounce the Director’s name (or remember Johnny’s cousin’s name at all) and that Africa has cities.

Listen out for these fantastic dances along the way:

“It’s a Fucking chicken!”

“I have Yelp reviews”

“Duck chicken goose thing”

“She looks like a toothpick”

“What happens to the watermelons?”

“The sensitivity of a hardened toenail”

“That doesn’t begin with N!”


WARNING: Ovaries explode in this episode


Edited By Cev Moore 

Music “Asteroid” (A corruption) By Peter & Cevin Moore







Kiddie Porn Dungeon 

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Matthew Holt & Andy Brown, uber-nerds and hosts of CODEC MOMENTS (#2 Video Game Podcast in Mongolia) join Cev, Ali & Nick to discuss the current state of Blu-Ray menus, sit com incest and love triangles. 

As September 10th 2019 is the release date of the CORNETTO TRILOGY on shiny new 4K UHD, the gang also decide to over share their thoughts on SHAUN OF THE DEAD, HOT FUZZ and THE WORLD'S END.

Edited By Cevin Moore

Music “Asteroid (A Diversion)” By Peter & Cevin Moore


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