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Nick, Ali & Cev are joined by man of tongues, Iain MacKinnon to kind of discuss the heaviest most metallist of metal movies along with the most 80’s movie of the 80’s TRICK OR TREAT from 1986.

Along the way expect to hear Ali wanting to rock with nuggets such as:

"Alvin & The Chipmunks"

“Make America back mask again”

“Dear Stan...”

“Party at the front, angst at the back”

“Judas Priest calendar”

"How does he, like, not piss in an arc?”

“Tim is definitely a fan of country and western”

“Do I look like someone that watches the NBA?”


Edited By Cevin Moore

Music “Asteroid (A Diversion)” By Peter & Cevin Moore


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The most perfect movie for the Film Guff brand? 

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